Claiming on your health insurance at Okinawa Sports and Spinal

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Your guide to insurance reimbursement at

Okinawa Sports and Spinal


Your guide to insurance reimbursement at Okinawa Sports and Spinal 

“Can I claim for my physical therapy, chiropractic and massage expenses at your clinic?”

The short answer is usually yes if you have international insurance such as foreign service benefit plans (FSBP) like those from Aetna, Cigna Health, Blue Cross or other medical insurance company plans covering DoDEA staff, GS and NAF employees, and defence contractors.

Many of our clients have found the process very easy over the last few years by simply submitting our receipts for reimbursement from their insurance provider through online portals.  We are happy to provide item and treatment codes on receipts if needed when you let us know what insurance company you are with. 

We are unable to accept Tricare and Japanese national health insurance (NHI) claims.  You are most welcome to pay out of pocket to use our expert services.

We can provide receipts for claims on most travel insurances for tourists and visitors.

If you would like to know more about claiming for chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage services we recommend you first contact your insurance provider for more information.


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